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Domestic Violence Lawyers Leeds, West Yorkshire

If you are, or have been, a victim of domestic abuse, we understand the devastating impact this can have on your physical and emotional health, as well as the effects this violence can have on your children and others close to you. We know you want to make sure you and your family are safe. With support and advice from understanding and highly-skilled domestic violence lawyers, you can put a stop to the abuse and get a fresh start. If are dealing with domestic violence, please contact our approachable solicitors today, so we can help you move on with your life without delay.

Domestic Violence: what are your options?

The law safeguards victims of domestic violence through protective measures, known as injunctions. Injunctions are designed to protect you and your children from being threatened or hurt by the person who abused you. The two main injunctions are non-molestation orders and occupation orders.

Non-molestation Order

A non-molestation order is granted by a court under the Family Law Act 1996 and prevents a person from being able to behave in a particular way towards someone they have subjected to domestic abuse. Non-molestation orders can be made against a wide range of people you are having or have had a relationship with, including a current or former husband, wife or civil partner, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, as well as family members and people you live or have lived with.

Occupation Order

An occupation order is also granted under the 1996 Act and prohibits a person from living in your home or entering the vicinity. Occupation orders can also provide rules on how the home can be used, for example when a certain person can visit and which areas of the property they can use.

If the person named in an injunction disobeys the provisions, they can be arrested.

The Domestic Violence Injunction Process

There are certain criteria that must be met and documentation that must be filled out before a non-molestation or occupation order will be granted. The domestic violence specialists at Stuart Gordon Solicitors will assist you throughout this process and can take as much control of the legal procedure as you wish – allowing you to focus on moving forward. Our support for you includes reviewing the details of your case to check if you can apply for an injunction, assisting in the full and effective completion of the relevant forms, sending the documents to the court and serving the documents on the person who has abused you. On your court hearing date, we will provide expert representation to ensure you get the outcome you need.

Contact our Domestic Violence Solicitors in Leeds, UK

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, it is important that you get support and advice without delay. If you have financial concerns about seeking legal advice, we will talk you through your options, including the possibility of getting Legal Aid. 

We not only have the legal expertise, but also a sound understanding of how emotional the process of reliving domestic violence can be. We want to help you, and will be by your side every step of the way.

In order to discuss your case in the strictest confidence, and the possibility of seeking an injunction, please contact Stuart Gordon Solicitors today. We will help, support and advise you.

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